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In 2005, Brands International expands its portfolio with Nestlé Nespresso products.

Nestlé Nespresso SA, one of the divisions that recorded the fastest increases in Nestlé Group, introduced the unique Nespresso system. Nespresso has revolutionized the preparation of coffee, in order to provide unique experiences of coffee, an opportunity to enjoy every moment of life. In essence, Nespresso concept is a “trilogy” consisting of Grand Cru capsules dosed with a perfect wide variety of quality coffees, coffee preparation intelligent devices and personal service.

Nespresso sells its products in over 35 countries directly to customers and currently it operates more than 45 boutique sites in major cities of the world. Nespresso is the global leader in premium encapsulated coffee market, for segment business-to-business and business-to-consumer, registering a growth rate of 30% over the last five years.

Nespresso Grand Cru coffee has the best quality at the dose due to the cream, content and taste. The wide variety of coffee blends allows customers to choose what best suits their personal taste.

Nespresso B2B, present in Romania through Brands International, offers seven types of premium quality coffee of different flavors, profiles and content. Color is differentiating the four types of capsules Espresso varieties: Ristretto, Forte, Leggero and Decaffeinato and the three Lungo varieties: Forte, Leggero and Decaffeinato. Moreover, two rare coffee varieties are offered to customers for limited periods each year: Special varieties Club (for winter) and Limited Edition (for Spring).

Idalmis, the new cuban torcedor who represents Habanos in Romania
Idalmis Ferro Medina is the special guest of Brands International in Romania. She is a very good torcedor, coming from the Partagas factory of Havana, ... details
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